1. What is included if I sign up for the COBALT Bioregional Workshop 2023″ as part of the Transformations 2023 Global Conference?

The registration is limited to working group participants and invited guests and includes lunches each day, and dinner on Monday and Tuesday. Other meals are on your own.

2. Can I just attend ONE DAY of the two-day workshop?

The event begins at 9:00 am on the 17th and ends with an evening celebration on the 19th. Sadly there is no provision for one-day only tickets. That said, we are planning on a public event on the evening of July 19th at the Schiller Coastal Studies Center at Bowdoin College – more on that event to follow. If registered workshop participants need to leave early, that is fine – we just encourage everyone to contribute to the three-day event.

3. Will there be an opportunity for me to discuss my bioregion?

The focus will be on the Casco Bay bioregion. As an invited participant, if you are from another bioregions, we encourage you to bring experiences from other parts of the world, however there will be no opportunity for special presentations. We are developing creative story-telling sessions (Monday evening July 17th) and opportunities to share innovations (Wednesday evening July 19th) and there will be more information to follow.

4. How can we help sponsor this event?

We are very eager to add sponsors to the event. We have a range of opportunities. Please contact us with a simple note of interest in sponsoring this event and we will follow up directly.

5. Do you provide discounts?

Yes, please contact us for more information.

6. How will we connect to the Transformations 2023 Conference in Sydney, Australia and Prague, Czech Republic?

We will connect with the transformations 2023 in a few ways. Since the dates for the events in Sydney and Prague are just before the Casco Bay Bioregion events, and the time zones are quite different, we are planning ways to share lessons learned that serve as inspiration for the Bioregional T-Lab/Workshop. Here are the dates of the three global events:

🇦🇺 July 12-14, Sydney Conference: The main event: multiple themes, and a central place for the Transformations Community who live in Australasia.

🇪🇺 July 12-14, European Hub Conference in Prague: Hub track on Transformative Organizations that will serve as a gathering site for members of the Transformations Community in Europe.

🇺🇸 Our event follows on July 17-19, a bioregional T-Lab/Workshop in Portland, Maine, USA: this is limited registration and invitation only and online participation will NOT be available

We are planning a series of free-online events including two 3-hour sessions that provide a “State of the Practice” regarding evaluation of transformation and an online reflection of T-Lab/Workshop – with a major focus on applications of Blue Marble Evaluation to develop a bioregional theory of transformation. More information will be forthcoming on this on-line event.

7. How many people will be attending the workshop?

We are expecting roughly 40-50 people for the event from July 17-19th. Participants will be people who are working on a wide range of issues within our working groups and span across many different disciplines and sectors all working towards more just, equitable and regenerative futures.

8. How do I travel from Boston to the venue?

  • Flying: Participants can fly directly to Portland (Portland Maine Airport, code PWM) or Boston Mass (Logan International Airport, code = BOS with a VERY simple 2 hour bus ride to Portland). Uber and Lyft Service is available and a wide range of car rentals are available in greater Portland Maine.
  • Driving: Drive straight to the Venue: 184 Burnett Rd, Freeport, ME 04032, United States
  • Bus from Boston: Concord Coach line is the ideal bus to take from either South Station in Boston or from Logan Airport.
  • Train: The Amtrak Downeaster is an ideal train to take from Boston’s North Station to either Portland or Brunswick Maine. Uber and Lyft Service is available and a wide range of car rentals are available in greater Portland Maine.