Our Sponsors

We are pleased to introduce the following wonderful sponsors who are making this learning journey happen! Contact us to become a sponsor of this event, or purchase a sponsorship here!

Bristol Seafood

We believe seafood can be a force for good. Eating more seafood has the power to improve your health, reverse trends contributing to climate change, and preserve our freshwater resources. At Bristol, we make it simple for you to eat it more often. We do this by consciously and transparently sourcing quality seafood, responsibly producing it in Maine, and bringing you convenience and flavor that you’ll love.

Southern Maine Community College

Welcome to Southern Maine Community College – Maine’s oldest and largest comprehensive community college, where we transform lives and communities through education and job training. Situated along Casco Bay, and boasting one of Maine’s most beautiful college campuses, SMCC’s South Portland Campus offers an eclectic menu of options and opportunities for students looking to gain job skills or to start their college career, and for businesses looking for support in training existing or prospective employees.

Adapt Agency

Specializing in creative problem solving for your business, Adapt Agency is a full service, global digital marketing agency that connects your needs with smart, scalable, sustainable digital solutions. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Adapt Americas is based in Portland ME, as part of the New England Ocean Cluster. Adapt has a strong focus on sustainability and environmental concerns, and is a proud sponsor of the COBALT Learning Journey.

MS StoryWorks

Three decades of daily local television news has prepared me, Mike Schuh, to handle just about anything from unpredictable breaking news to extracting myself and crew from threatening situations.  My work has been recognized with multiple Emmy Awards and an Edward R. Murrow Award.  This unique background has given me the ability to master overlapping deadlines on multiple media platforms and quickly translate raw information into memorable stories.  Besides being a digital media storyteller, I am an instructor, and mentor. The process of sharing my knowledge is an integral part of helping journalists and corporations find compelling stories, connect the dots, and produce meaningful work.


Friends of Casco Bay

Friends of Casco Bay’s mission is to improve and protect the environmental health of Casco Bay, an Estuary of National Significance, located in the Gulf of Maine. Our science program monitors the health of the Bay and tracks changing conditions. These data inform our advocacy and how we engage the community in our stewardship efforts.

Becky’s Diner

Becky’s Diner is a wellknown and loved diner specialising in local seafood located right in the heart of the Portland waterfront, on Hobson’s Wharf. It has been in operation since it first opened it’s doors in 1991.


Wolfe’s Neck Center

Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture & the Environment is on a mission to transform our relationship with farming and food for a healthier planet. Situated on over 600 acres of preserved coastal landscape in Freeport, Maine, the center uses its diverse landscape to connect people of all ages to the food they eat and where it comes from. 


Portland Paddle

Portland Paddle is a seasonal tour operator and aquatic equipment rental company based in Portland. The company offers kayaking, paddleboarding, as well as single-day and multi-day trips including the Casco Bay Traverse expedition.


Battery Steele Brewing

From its inception in an old barn in South Portland to its realization at Industrial Way, Battery Steele brewing has been fueled by a dedication to continuing the craft beer legacy of Portland Maine. The brewery was founded by Jacob Condon and Shane Noble, who together share a collective 25 years in the brewing industry.​​


Maine Standard Biofuels

Maine Standard Biofuels is a biorefinery that collects used cooking oil and recycles it into a variety of bio-based products. The process starts with used cooking oil collected from over 1000 restaurants and food manufacturers across New England. They chemically transform that oil into biodiesel, bioheat, and their Wicked Strong family of cleaners.  Any scraps are sent to a biodigester and turned into renewable energy and compost.


Seafood Literacy with Barton Seaver

Seafood Literacy is an culinary education course created by chef Barton Seaver. In his presentation Barton reviews how this comprehensive curriculum and engaging video content can give home cooks and nutrition professionals alike confidence and competence in every aspect of seafood purchasing and preparation.


Cold River Vodka

Maine Distilleries, which produces solely Cold River Vodka, Blueberry Vodka and Gin, is the only “ground-to-glass” distillery in the nation, where they at the company control every aspect of their small-batch production – from the planting of their Maine potatoes, to their triple-distillation process, to the final bottling of their gluten-free, all-natural, super-premium vodkas and gin.